Ultimate 3 S – part 1

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2016 at 7:52 pm in

Ultimate 3 S

Ultimate 3 S

My latest baby! I will write the full story in a few installments, from the back to the front so to speak, in other words I’ll show you the final result first before going back and showing pictures of the construction and so on.

Of course I’m talking about my Hans Summers Ultimate 3S beacon transmitter.

She came to me via the UK, where Ken Murdoch put it into his luggage and transported it to me in the far south over the December 2015 holiday period. Thus we avoided any issues with the South African Post Office who is notorious for “losing” packages.

After some construction time, not a lot I might add, she lit up her lights and started WSPR-ing sweet tones to the world. ZS6USA was the first to respond.

It is possibly the best kit I’ve ever built and the sweetest performer I can remember.

Watch out for part two.