Mobile in Hibberdene KF59gk

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Hibberdene KF59gk 11 Oct 2014a

Hibberdene KF59gk 11 Oct 2014a

I had the privilege to go on holiday for a few days to the coast, staying in a lovely woodenframe cottage with my dogs for 4 days. My wife allowed me to pack a small radio, and so on the Saturday I managed to catch a few contacts with my new/old (that’s another story!) IC-703, from the balcony of the cottage overlooking the Indian Ocean in Hibberdene Grid Square KF59gk, kindly rented from Walter and Louise, Hibberdene Escape. They come highly recommended.

Initially I called ZS5GS and Gerald came booking back 59+ and gave me a 55, with which I was very happy because I was using a short ICOM AH-703 antenna, a portable multibander with a total length of 1.4 meters (4.6 ft)! Incredible performance for such a small device. I also had a similar report back from Johan ZS6AF.

Thanks guys, you made my day! 73s.

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