Falklands is a mere WSPR away

Posted on Monday, June 8th, 2015 at 10:55 am in
WSPR to Falklands

WSPR to Falklands

The last thing I did last night was to make peace between my laptop, my Flex-1500 SDR, and the various VAC and VSP drivers and whatever else was struggling to co-exist in the apparently too small memory of my Windows 7 computer.

So can you imagine the delightful surprise I got this morning: I switched everything on and went to make coffee and shower. A little bit later I went to check on my WSPR installation, and this is what I saw on the log:

2015-06-08 05:12 VP8ALJ 3.594094 -19 0 GD18bh 10 ZR6LU KG43 7517 105

I’m very pleased, because my antenna is not really made for 80m (it’s actually a 40m travelling wave Broadgun) and I wasn’t expecting any spots yet. But there it is, and more than once. Nice spot!

This is what makes this hobby so great, these little achievements.