The “P” in QRP stands for Pocket with the X1M Platinum

Posted on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at 8:47 am in

X1M Platinum

X1M Platinum

The new QRP is here – where the “P” stands for In-My-“Pocket” and not for Low-“Power”. In days gone by one would purchase a Yaesu FT-817, or if you had a few more buckaroos you might consider a pricey Elecraft KX3 if your budget can stretch that far. While they were low-power, they were far from pocket-radios.

Enter the new Chinese players. For less than half the price they produce quite a capable radio, and the best of all is they are setting a new standard for small size. Have a look at the picture – you can actually not believe the size and weight until you hold it in your hand. Yes, the Xiego X1M Platinum is truly a pocket radio. Exactly how small wasn’t apparent until I went to the Post Office to collect my shipment.

Look, the Yaesu and the Elecraft have more functions, more memories, more buttons. The X1M is a basic radio. But it works, and it does exactly what you expect from it. Initially I felt funny holding such a small mic in my hand, it feels like a toy. But once you watch your signal go out clean and clear you start re-thinking your options. My testing was done on a 83m horizontal loop antenna and I called 80/40/20/10 with reasonable results although there was a storm moving in and lots or crashing and thunder noise, so I couldn’t do extensive testing. I will feed back on digital modes testing as well as stability on a portable vertical antenna.

Availability is not great, stock is limited. I’m told the designer is only making a few hundred at a time. I ordered from Rory ZS2BI late one afternoon, and he promptly shipped via courier so two days later I rushed home to play with my new toy. Also, if you want the latest and greatest, don’t buy this version because there will be new versions out before you blink your eyes – a normal situation when new market segments open.

The Users Guide Users Guide X1M can be downloaded here.

P.S. I couldn’t resist, of course. Just before I switched off for the night, I plugged the X1M antenna coax into my HLA-300+ Linear Amplifier. Just for fun, right. I shouldn’t have – this is a match made in heaven. Key down in CW on 40m it blares out 260 watts effortlessly. It seems like the two of them were having so much fun together.