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Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2013 at 8:01 am in

44OB003 Certificate OB


It is wonderful the many ways our roads cross, and how we meet people that will play a role in our lives.

So I met Jaco le Roux ZS6PX from Vereeniging who makes little programmer boards to connect a PC / Laptop to a Yaesu or Kenwood or ICOM radio. Nifty little PC Board (some info here). Sometimes it is also called a CAT cable although I’m sure that could be a trademarked name. Nevertheless he shows me his shack and mentions that his dad, Hennie ZS6HLR is a big CB fan and an active SWL listener. His callsign for the 11 meters band is 44OB001. At first I recognised the 44 as a type of division number, having Googled some previous comments by other people. Immediately I was interested in knowing more.

Now I must say that “freebanding” is only discussed in the most disparaging way by “real” hams. I don’t agree with some of their harsh opinions, and I notice that it is only “real” hams that have this sense of self-appointed self-importance because they managed to achieve something 30 years ago and which they want to hang onto for dear life. Perhaps we should ask for a re-test every five years and see how much they remember of todays rules. But that is a discussion for another day.

Having met a “real” “freebander” was something I’ve always wanted to do. This is so cool. Anyways it resulted in me applying for a callsign 44OB003. Now I can get some more real information from the websites. I guess Freebanding is illegal in South Africa and transmitting on those illegal frequencies without a proper RSA license are not advised, but there is nothing stopping you from listening legally to the regular shortwave bands?

Happy listening!