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January 2017:

Ultimate3S Beacon

Ultimate3S Beacon

The current interest is beaconing, most often with a QRP-Labs Ultimate 3S or two. The other gear includes a Diamond CP22EA vertical antenna for 2m to get me out of the dip and a horizontal Maldol HS Fox-2 2m/70cm with which I try to listen to satellites. My trusty Yaesu FT-857D is tasked with general office duties.

In the mobile I have a second Yaesu FT-857D with a NR-770R dual bander for VHF/UHF work and a Little Tarheel for the HF side of things.

73s till later

January 2015:

Shack RigPic 2015

Shack RigPic 2015

A lot has changed since I restarted in 2012. I have a dedicated “rack” and some new radios, some new tuners, a new soldering iron and most importantly – a magnifying light!

Never fear!

IMAG0203Note: OLD PHOTO! Check new photo below!

January 2013: So this is my shack. A handy for portable contacts, an old Yaesu FT-480 (2m/25w) that works nicely on satellite but is mostly used for repeater work. And a 1983-era HF stack consisting of a Yaesu FT-707 (25w AM / 100w SSB) and a FT-707DM (essential, as the old VFO drifts a lot when doing digital), a slightly later model tuner (FC-757AT) which tunes your current band, but you have to manually switch between bands.

Oh yes, don’t forget the Telereader 685 – once an awesome machine, now relegated to monitoring duties. But still a nice machine.

Update 10 March 2013: A lot has changed. The old FT-707 was drifting too much and I had to send it in to the radio-whitehouse for some repairs and that can take months, waiting for spares. So I got a FT-747GX at a good price and that was a lot of fun, but I still couldn’t control the rig from my laptop. And I am a computer guy. So when OM Sam ZS1SAM in Cape Town advertised his FT-857D, I jumped to the opportunity and we quickly made a deal. The FT-857 turned out to be a good buy and I will post some pictures later.

Update 30 June 2013: Hold onto your hats! Yesterday I started with PSK and I have bagged 5 countries already – tonight I’m going to warm up the wires! The FT-840 came back from a full check-out and alignment on Friday and she is singing sweet! My interface is home-built.

July 2013 RigPic

July 2013 RigPic

Update 10 July 2013: My latest rigpic. From left to right: Old HP laptop for HRD; FT857D for voice (linear just visible under desk); FT-840 for digital work. My old FT-480Rfor 2-meter is on top of the HF set, but I struggle to get out of here on VHF/UHF due to the deep hole I am in.

The 40m Magnetic Loop is visible outside the window. It gives good results.

HomeBrew Broadband Vertical

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Update 11 January 2014: I have been bitten by the QRP bug. Currently collecting the bits and pieces required.

QRP Collection

QRP Collection

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