On The Roof

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 6:25 am in

IMAG0194I picked up a nice sun tan on Saturday and it was unintentional.

I just unpacked my radios after many years, I renewed my SARL membership, and I was ready to go! But … no antennas. So out of the house, survey the environment and check with the XYL about the limits of aesthetic encroachment she would tolerate. You will probably hear about this many times but I live in an old suburb, I’m surrounded by tall trees, I have an Eskom servitude on my back wall with tall power lines 40 meters away. Any signal will struggle to get in or out. Nevertheless, there is an old FM antenna bolted to the chimney and it is not being used any longer as we’re using a DSTV dish.

In my excitement I forgot to watch the weather. It was a blistering hot day and on a freshly painted matt black tile roof Apollo the Sun-God did his best to cook me from both sides.

Nevertheless, my faithful casual labourer Thulani stood it out with me and we pulled down the old TV antenna, extended the pole by 1m with a swimming pool pipe, and pulled up a wire antenna. This is temporary though and we will have to go back up again once Ra has depleted his wrath.