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Posted on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 at 5:34 am in

bhi NEDSP1062-KBDa

bhi NEDSP1062-KBDa

Comparing my two rigs, I was under the impression that my older Yaesu FT-840 had much better sounding audio than the new Yaesu FT-857D. This is strange for me, and counter-intuitive, as I thought the newer radio would perform better. I also have to mention that I have a selecion of antennas to choose from, and one antenna might sound slightly better than the other.

But the basic root-problem remained a high frequency noise on the audio, especially on 40m, that made it very unpleasant, difficult and tiring to listen to.

I invested in a MFJ-784B Tunable DSP Filter to see if it made any difference. It was nice to play with and I will write more about it later, but sufficient to say it doesn’t get rid of my problem. It improved the average sound but the high frequency annoying fuzz was still there.

So yesterday I bought a dhi DSP Amplified Module (NEDSP-1062 KBD) and rushed home, prepared to be dissappointed again. I rigged up a lid from an old CB radio and tagged and taped everything together to try it out before deciding on a more permanent installation (remember, it might not work). Well, 4 hours later and many delightful QSO’s in the log I can honestly say: “It works!”. You can believe everything they say on their websites, and all the audio clips they give are exactly as I experienced it on my bench.

Essentially the kit I have (there are others too) sits in the speaker line. The 1062 is an amplified unit that takes speaker output, processes it and throws it at your new external speaker. It has multiple levels of processing and I found myself settling (after much playing) on number 5 (16dB tone reduction and 17dB white noise reduction), but I can imagine with other radios and speakers and setups the ability to easily choose more or less processing is going to be a big help.

Certainly a must-have on the Yaesu FT-857D and one that I cannot operate without. I see they make a specific one that can be mounted inside the case of the FT-857 with the buttons easily accessible on the top. I like that. I might even sell this one and buy that one. The processor is identical, it is just the mounting thats going to be easier.

Verdict? On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the best, I will give it 11 because it has consistently surprised me.